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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Current Train Layout

Currently, I have one main train layout that is HO scale and models Rock Springs Wisconsin.  I built it right before my family and I moved.  It was built on a scrap door that was 32" wide by 80" long and has been wired so that it can accommodate DDC, though, as I am writing this article, I have no such system yet.  I have updated my train layout and have created another post about it it is in the February 2011 section of my archive. So here are some pictures of trains preforming their rounds;

my little hustler switching engine pulling out of the spur where an oil depot will be stationed.  Notice the switch tower in the background.  some of you viewers may recongize it from atlas.

the same hustler engine working at the gravel plant, pushing an empty hopper into the lead switch (to the right of where the picture is).

the engine pulling the now loaded hopper out of the gravel plant and into Rock Springs, while a train spotter sits in his car waiting for his chance to catch the little engine.

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