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Friday, January 14, 2011

Small layouts

There is a new page about small layouts on this blog.  It is also titled Small Layouts  and you can view it by clicking here.  This page is devoted to small layouts, how to build them, and ideas for them.  There are also helpful links to others' web sites.  Note:  this page is under construction, but will soon be complete.  some content is available already.

For those that do not have the space for the average 4X8 layout, there is still hope. Small layouts have been around since the invention of the first train set and today small layouts under 4ft by 8ft make up a huge chunk of the worlds existing layouts.
Small layouts have huge advantages over their larger counter-parts they include but are not limited too;

Small layouts cost less than large layouts with the same technical features ie... DCC, DC, sound, and motion.

Smal layouts are known for being able to go just about anywhere. 

 Small layouts are very light, lighter than some actual tables. My 3X6.5ft layout is only about 30LBS!

Every small layoutis very unique from another.  Modeling anything from Dallas to a small quarry in Wisconsin.

There are also a lot more advantages to having a small layout, but that list would be longer than this whole post.

Here are a couple of photos to help prove my point;

This is my cousin's layout that I helped him set up, It was just a life-like set that was about $50 and a table.  the buildings were all just paper, and there were no switches.  However, he wouldn't stop asking me to play wtih it after we got set up!

This layout was half complete when I took a picture of it.  The layout is 2X4ft and models in N scale.  besides another switch behind the hill, the layout has only three switches that are about $12 a piece.  Kids loved this layout and the operator also seemed to enjoy running his little pike.

At a different show, I came across this N scale layout.  It had four main lines, was full of action (and trains), and was a show stopper.  This is a good example of what can be done on a small pike.
the following photos are of an N scale layout that I am building that is under a square foot:

Speaking of examples, Carl Arendt's site has hundreds of  them. The site contains articles and a scrapbook that show off micro, and small layouts.

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