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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Current Train Layout; revisited

It's been a while since I've shown what I've been up to on my railway.  Though it looks about the same, some things have changed:
Canadian Pacific GP-38 3069 leads a train out of Rock Springs back to Milwaukee, WI

The back side of the layout features a large gravel pit and here is the loader. I plan to add a crusher next to the loader.

Here is the overall view of Rock Springs.  The building on the left is a Dentist office.   Behind the Burlington Northern hopper is the Rock Springs Commuter Station, and to the left is the old Switch tower Controling two way movements on a one track line.  Off to the right and not in the photo is the old wood-cribbed grain elevator, one of the few remaining in Wisconsin.  

Here is what would be seen by spectators.  Notice that the backdrop has been almost finished using artist-grade oil paints.

One of the things that i got for Christmas in 2010 was a herd of horses, I will have to get a fence built so they don't sneak on to the tracks
Here is what the town looked like a few weeks earlier.  The oil tanks in this photo are no longer therebut were replaced by the grain elevator. 

Here comes the Commuter train with an AMTrak engine in lead towing an observation car and a double decker coach.

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