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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Attention All Viewers!!!

Attention everyone!  I have an announcement to make, and here it is:

Have you ever wanted your layout to be displayed on a website, free, for the world to see and learn from?  Have you been having trouble finding inspiration for your projects?  Well, the answer to both questions has arrived.  www.onlinetrainshow.com  is just that, an online train show for people to display their layouts permanently on the web. The idea behind this is to create a large index of layouts from around the world in all scales so that people can learn from the ideas of others.  It is also here to promote the hobby, give news and events, and provide an outlet for modelers to show off their work without leaving their home.

If anyone is interested, please contact me either through the comments below, through my email at: jjw2795@gmail.com, or by submitting an inquiry on the site at www.onlinetrainshow.com.

this is a great chance for people to be creative and display their work.  So please, at least consider.

Thank you everyone, James Willmus

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