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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Videos

Okay, the First two of four long awaited videos have been completed.  They got stuck on the back burner, and so were not created until recently.  Below are the videos:

If the sound is annoying, go ahead and mute it.  A better version of both will come out in the near future.

The first video featured in this post is the Famous Royal Gorge Route through the Royal Gorge Canyon.  Located west of Cañon City, Colorado, the train heads through to the top of the canyon.  Features in the video include footage of the High Bridge over the top of the canyon at 1,200 feet high, 1950's motive power and coaches, and of course excellent scenery.  Unfortunately from the train there is no way to see the famous bridge that was designed specifically to fit a narrow point in the canyon.  Later on a post will be made about it.

Next we have the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad.  This railroad is around a century old, it is also one of the few railroads in Colorado to be built as a tourist line, and stay that way through it's history.  The climb starts at Manitou Springs, Colorado.  From there, the train climbs up very steep grades for a 12 mile run to the top.  Old Hotels and a small ghost town are along the way.  The first half of the journey is through a steep canyon with creeks and towering mountains.  The second half of the trip goes through some of the most spectacular scenery in Colorado.  From the top, visitors can look down a nearly 8,000 foot drop to Colorado Springs, although the mountain peak is 14,110 feet above sea level.  On clear days, people can see parts of Colroado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming:  there is also a panoramic view of the great continental divide, separating the state into two pieces.

A little more closer to home is my own video of the Lonewell Logging Company, a Garden railroad in my yard.  More information can be found about this short line at smokeytimberlogging.blogspot.com

Well, there is the first two videos of My trip to Colorado.  On top of the videos, there was a lot of picture taking, this necessitates a new page about Colroado's Tourist Railroads.  The four that will be featured when done will be the Cog Railroad, Royal Gorge, the South Park, and the Georgetown loop.  I will also have a post dedicated to each's history in the future.

Until then, feel free to look around the site, and check in often as this blog is still growing.

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