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Saturday, March 30, 2013

New blog!

Okay, I've had new blogs before, and this blog by far has the best success.  However, I needed a place to store my growing photo collection, which has grown to nearly 1000 photographs.  Therefore, I created jjwtrainphoto.blogspot.com to store all of these photos and prototype information.  I already have two pages and the home page loaded with some information and a lot of photographs.  This blog will then be for my current ideas and projects, ie modeling and research.  The Photo Blog as I'll call it will be for what has been done, and for note on the prototype.  So now anyone reading this will have a complete resource to go to to answer all the questions they might have.  If you the reader sees something that isn't correct, or if the reader has any questions, I encourage comments and emails.  email is jjw2795 at gmail.com.  Thank you for reading, and please stay tuned!


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