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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yet Another Blog

As some readers have seen, I have experimented with a few different blogs over the last three years.  JJWTRAINS continues to be the most successful, however I do have other blogs.

In order to preserve the posts from the past, I have made copies of nearly all my photographs that have been put on this blog and I have stored them in a separate blog: www.jjwtrainphoto.blogspot.com

I also have a blog that has been renovated and is completely devoted to my ever increasing track plans that I make in my spare time.  I am continuing to grow my hard copy (physical paper) track plans and one day in the future I plan to take my best plans and publish them on this blog:

However I just got my newest blog online, andthis blog is specialized to one scale and one large project.  My latest idea is to design and build a G scale (Technically 1:20.3 or Fn3) train layout that tells the story of mining in central Colorado.  When the name hit me, I immediately put a blog on the Internet.  The address is www.bardcreekrr.blogspot.com.

I of course will continue on this blog and will give regular updates regarding both my projects and the latest information that I find valuable.  So like I always say, stay tuned because more is coming down the track!


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