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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And a look at the Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek...

While in Colorado Springs, I decided to take a look at the Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek ROW which is now a public trail and off-road vehicle route.  Up the mountain from Colorado Springs, only a part of the trail was open, so I drove it down to Colorado Springs and ended up about 1 mile from the old gold processing center, aptly named "Gold Mill Mesa" and is now a large pile of rubble with one large cement smokestack visible.  Anyway, here are some of my better photos:

No, I wasn't moving very fast when I took the tunnel picture.  Getting out of the truck on this route wasn't a good idea because I ran into two way traffic along the shelf road, and it only got better once I hit solid tar.  I'd recommend this during the summer for most vehicles, but in the winter, on a good day, 4WD vehicles work fine for this route.  This was near Cheyenne Mountain and the Seven Sisters Falls.

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