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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hit the ground running...

For the first post of the new year, I thought I'd bring forth a new project.  Okay, plenty of 'new projects' have come through this blog in the last two years.  Truthfully, i haven't had a fully operational train layout for two and a half years.  Well, hopefully I can break back into the modeling realm with this new tiny train layout.

Originally, I wanted to do large scale indoors, which proved impractical to my situation.  I had thought bout another HO scale layout, but again it was too large for my situation, being in a college dorm room.  briefly, I thought about having an HOn30 layout, or a 1/100th scale kitbashed layout that represented 3 ft gauge.  While it was interesting, and I even made a couple posts about it, the fact remained that it would be way too much time for me to put in.  College comes first.  So then I got to thinking about N scale, and I decided to go for it.  N scale has 3 great benefits; small size, available, and cheap.  So then, I took the 2x3 foot platform i was going to build for an HOn30, tweaked it slightly, and viola!  As of writing this, I have the benchwork done, and the sub scenery base half done, and the track plan is completed.  Talk is cheap, but now that I've put money into this project with building materials and track, I'm fully committed to the cause.

So what am I modeling anyway?  Well, I thought it would be a great challenge to model south Dakota in a small space.  So, I decided on a very unknown railroad that still exists and is making it's third comeback since being organized in the 1980's, the Dakota Southern Railroad!  It's close to home, represents South Dakotas rail heritage in  nutshell, and offers a very rare ROW mainline that is grass covered west of the Missouri River.  Combine that with an open sky and rolling hills, this project might turn out to be a gem for me!

I'll have to start posting about the construction, but I'd thought I'd give a preview to what I'm completing.

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