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Friday, April 29, 2011

Micro Layouts, the Final Frontier

Also, I have included a Small Layout page on this blog that has some of Carl's old tricks  Click here to view.  This page is still under construction, but you can still see some information.  Also, none of the ideas in the section dedicated to Carl are mine, but his.  His tricks are too good to leave out and that is why I have included them.
A micro layout is what Carl Arendt described as, "a small model railroad, usually less than 3 or 4 square feet that has a clear purpose and straight forward operation."  These layouts test the limit of human imagination and are attention getters.  If you are short on space, or need something to get to a train show, a micro layout is the best option.  But to build a micro layout, you have to know how to design one.
When I first saw Carl Arendt's site, I was somewhat skeptical about how well most of those railroads featured operate.  But I slowly sank into the site and I now have seen micro layouts' true beauty!  Operations on a model railroad all has to do with how you look at it.  Traditionally, a model railroad replicates the action of putting together a train, running it to its destination, and then dispersing of the cars.  This is what I like to call A to B operation.  However, with micro layouts, operation can only replicate a portion of the journey.  Dispersing of cars, or putting together trains.  This is all that can be successfully done on a micro layout because 4 square feet is impossible to replicate operations of a whole line.  This is what I call A to nowhere operation.  Operating a micro layout is truly fun, if you have the right thought.
So get out there and try building a micro!  They're cheap, small, light, and fun!

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