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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Re-building Rock Springs Gravel Co. continued

Well, due to the weather being warmer and pushing hard to keep grades up in school, I must admit that I haven't done much with my project on re-building Rock Springs Gravel Company.  however, I still have managed to accomplish several things:

  • I have found places for all of the structures (all three of them).
  • The track is starting to be re-ballasted.
  • the first vehicle in the Gravel company has been put into service.  it is a 1/87 replica of a 950G front end loader.
  • The loader has a hole in it so that I can manually load gravel into the cars.
So with that, here are some photos of my progress:
    I finally have a track plan, if you look closely, you can see the track in the light gray lines.  I promise to get a better one to go in the home page.

    Looking toward the west end of the gravel plant, you can see
    where the final resting place of the loader will be.

    Photos two and three feature the first piece of equipment for use in the plant, a handsome 950G front-end loader

    Tilt your head for this one!  shows the track layout of the east end of the plant.

    Here is the center portion showing near the top, the crossover into the plant.

    The rest of the cross over as well as the tail track where the gravel loader is 

    And finally, here is the west end of the plant.

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