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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update on My Train Layout

Well, it has definatly been awhile since I last posted about my HO scale Rock Springs CNW layout.  A lot has happened over those few months:

  • The gravel plant has got a lot more gravel in it.
  • The other River scene is finished
  • I have added Woodland Scenic's commercial trees.
  • I have installed successfully a push rod for a switch, later it will be replaced with a pen.
  • More of my rolling stock has been converted to knuckle couplers.
  • Almost completed the fascia along the front.
Anyways, here are some photos and a video of my progress:

Click to play:

 Here is my 0-6-0 puling a train into the gravel plant.  In the background, there is a large ramp for tractors and excavators to load railroad cars.
 In the gravel plant I also have an old maintenance caboose serving as a freight loading dock, and there is an old Soo Line reefer for storage in the background.
 Here is a set of two hoppers getting ready to be loaded by the gravel loader above the tracks.
 One final shot of the Gravel plant, this time with the cars out of the way.
 Next to the gravel plant, is a river.  Later I plan to add people, maybe a couple canoes to the stream.
 Surrounded by trees, the river gently flows by as the train goes past.

 On the other side of the layout, the SW1 is coupling to a Milwaukee Road boxcar filled with grain.
And here is the SW1 stopping at the Atlas CTC/ switching tower for permission to continue on its way down the line.

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