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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Train Layouts!!!

One of the few times where we can display our trains and look 'normal'  is at Christmas.  The lights, the tree, and the trains all play a part of our holiday celebration.  Ever since the invention of the practical toy train by Lionel Trains  in the early 1900's, the Christmas train has been a traditional addition to the American Christmas.  in the early days, these trains were also a display of middle class wealth, being expensive compared to today's standard.  These trains would cost about as much as a major appliance, or even a car in some cases.

O scale trains are classic, while G scale trains look more modern; but for me, On30 illustrates the holiday train layout perfectly.  Bachmann Trains designed several sets over the last couple decades to go along with the porcelain buildings by Department 56 and Lemax.  One of which is the trolley set, which comes with a few pieces of track to go back, and forth.  The price isn't cheap, but you get pre-wired track so that the automated back and forth operation is possible.

My set has had plenty of use over the years, so this year I decided to make a loop of track instead, as the operation would be better (the original track would only allow a few minutes of operation then it would quit).  So here is my Christmas layout:

 Looks fast don't it!!!  Well, it is only going a couple miles an hour, as seen in the photo below.

 My oldest building in my little collection is Skip's Burgers and Fries by either Lemax, or Department 56.
 My newest addition is Springfield lanes by Lemax.  As you can see, there are a lot of lights!
 The cat enjoys Christmas too!!!  Elliot likes to chase and knock over the trolley, but Bachmann made this one pretty indestructible!  Not a piece has fallen off yet.  Starting from the foreground to the background,  Lemax Gazebo from about 2005, Harley's Antiques form the same year by Lemax, and a Harley Davidson water Tower from 2008.
Finally, I've got a tree house By Lemax from 2005-06 to the left of the cat, you can't see it all that well though.

Enjoy the Holidays everyone!!!  And I hope you too have a Christmas display to share to the world too!

By James Willmus

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