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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Garratt plans

The Garratt locomotive is an interesting one, which combines two locomotive chassis, and puts one large boiler on top of the now combined sets of wheels.  This type was highly successful, and I will follow soon with an in depth post.  For now though, I have provided a set of photos of my own design for a future project.  These, if printed so that they take up the whole page, should be the same scale as 1:20.  However, if slightly smaller, should come out to about 1:24.  Two images have a scale on them, so they can be sized correctly.  I recommend printing these images after combining them to a pdf as these images are slightly out of line with each other.

These images are for everyone's personal use.  However, no one may sell copies, nor display them publicly without prior consent from the owner on this blog.  Thank you, and enjoy

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