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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Blast from the Past.

In the History of this blog, I have very rarely displayed anything that is outside of U.S. railroading.  However, I was digging through my railroad picture archives  and have found some pictures from Norway's State Railway.  I've decided I'll make a post, and a page about Foreign lines with the NSB being the first..  This is also a tribute to my extended family who are in Norway and to my heritage.  I invite anyone to comment about these trains, because I do not remember a lot of the details.  Any information is appreciated.  So here are the photos of Norway's trains:

Photos 1 and 2 show the Depot on the route between Oslo and Bergen, I can't remember if this depot was at Oslo or Bergen though.

This waterfall is one of many that can be seen along the high route outside of Bergen.  

 Here is a few pictures of railway maintenance equipment.
 This looks like a European version of a ballast spreader, or in the U.S. a Jordon Spreader.  I may need to be corrected on this.
 Here is a station, I forget where, I'm assuming that it is also by the railway track equipment.
 Okay, I know what this is, it is a rotary snow plow.  It is probably still being used because the pass is covered in snow.  (This photos was taken in summer, despite the snow in the background)
And Finally, here's me during the trip on Oslo's tram system.  Now does anyone see why I don't remember the details?

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