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Monday, December 30, 2013

The New Year

2013, was quite a year.  Here is a recap of the year.

I, over the years I've modeled in N scale, HO scale, O scale and G scale.  However it was last year that I got my first 1:20.3 (F scale) porter locomotive Christmas 2012 and have been dreaming about F scale since then.  In April and May I took down the garden railroad which had mostly LGB and Aristo Craft.  Since then, with the lack of an adequate yard, I've been looking at indoor railways.

So I present the plans for 2014.

  • To kick off the new year, I will be looking at prototype railroads and their construction, specifically Colorado Narrow Gauge.

  • On top of this, I'm also looking more and more at 1:20.3 scale (F scale).  This blog, in the past, has primarily focused on smaller scales with the occasional post about O and G scales.  2014 is going to be the year where that changes.

  • I plan to sell most of my N and HO scale trains with the exception for enough to build a small layout in the future.  O scale, I'm keeping most of it, but a lot of track and buildings will have to go as well.  As I schedule myself for different train shows, I'll be sure to post which ones I attend.

  • While I'll still stay with O scale, my primary scale has gone to 1:20.3 modeling 3 ft gauge railroads on 45mm track.  

  • Earlier this year I unveiled my newest project, the Bard Creek Railroad.  To keep things organized, I've made a separate blog, but many details about what I do will leak over to JJWTrains as well.  You can see the blog here.

  • Finally, I will be taking this project railroad on the road.  Again, any shows I plan to attend will be posted here and on the Bard Creek Railroad blog.
Before I close out this post, I'd like to thank everyone who has stopped in since this blog's creation.  Keep playing with those trains and have a happy New Year everyone!


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