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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A great afternoon:

For about an hour I got to witness something which is not seen very often, and is getting rarer each year; a SOO Line road switcher doing some switching off the main.  Brookings has a gravel pit with a spur or two running into it, and on the bike ride I happened to catch Soo Line GP-38-2 #4431 doing some switching at the gravel pit.  what ade it even better was that all the cars also said Soo Line on them.  I am a young modeler, being 19 years of age, but this afternoon I was transported back to the 1980's when the Soo Line was still king of the Eastern Dakotas and Central Minnesota.  CNW, BN, and Wisconsin Central had more trackage, but the Soo Line hauled grain, no just surviving, but thriving on the rural elevators and ethonal plants.  Not many other railroads can make that claim.

Canadian Pacific bought Soo Line way back when, but the logos, rail cars, and other equipment have performed well despite the general lack of maintenance (not to mention repainting and rust prevention) CP Rail has allowed for their purchase SOO Line stock.

Anyways, enjoy the videos and photos I took of the train's operations here.  It's five minutes long and I think it's worth a look.


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