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Monday, March 3, 2014

New Addition...

I probably should have done this earlier, but it has come time to make additions to sites I follow. The main site which I have been following for years is the online forum, freerails.com.  Free Rails is supported by many excellent modelers, and in fact there are too many to list on this site. But, I think few forum members would have objections to me featuring the following member:

Number one on the list so far this year is a freerails.com forum member, Mr.  Ricard.

Mr. Ricard, in my opinion, is one of the best modelers I have seen from the vast sources of the Internet.  He has built a small On30 Layout that demonstrates his modeling methods.  You can see the layout on this forum thread: Spruce Coal & Timber.  I also recommend checking into freerails periodically to follow Mr. Ricard's progress.

Additionally, Joey has a website for his modeling products: Trackside Scenery.

If wanting to see more of his excellent layout, Mr. Ricard has also set up a Youtube page:


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