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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Free Magazine online? No-way.

I decided today to give a little shout-out to the folks working at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine.  I've subscribed to this magazine for months, and it is one of the best out there in my opinion. What's even better, they offer the magazine online, free of charge.  All the money this magazine makes is through advertisers, so at least in the foreseeable future, no one will have to pay subscription fees.

The Internet truly is a remarkable thing.  One day you can be finding the best sites in the world, and other days you stumble across abandoned blogs, old websites, outdated information, and the like.  I like Model Railroad Hobbyist for more than just the free reading though, here are some other reasons I can think of:

  • Relatable, down-to-earth concepts that yield surprisingly good results.
  • Featuring modelers who are true masters, but interpret their techniques into something attainable.
  • Links to other websites, manufacturers, and blogs (can't do that with a printed magazine)
  • Great photography by modelers and the staff
  • A high emphasis on methods and ideas that an average modeler can grasp, and then turn into something magnificent.
  • Shining the spotlight on whats new in the hobby.
  • And, as you may have guessed, much more!
I don't really want this to sound like a sales pitch, even though that is sort of the tone of my words.  I genuinely pleased with this magazine and everything these people are doing to bring the hobby to the 21st century.

So here's the link to the magazine:mrhmag.com

Another thing to add to my library of sources for inspiration. 

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